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Cambodian Food Oakland, CA

The best Cambodian cuisine restaurants in the Oakland Bay Area. Oakland Cambodian food restaurants are listed in order from distance from Executive Inn Oakland Hotel.

Battambang Restaurant • 2.2 mi
850 Broadway, Oakland CA 94606; Tel. 510.839.8815 Cambodian. Battambang specializes in authentic Cambodian fare served in traditional fashion. The food is excellent, if rather on the mild side. Focus your attention on the array of spiced rubbed meat dishes and you won’t be disappointed. Battambang also caters to the vegetarian crowd, with meatless dishes dominating the menu. Battambang is a serious dining adventure, so come with an open mind and an empty stomach.

Phnom Penh House • 2.3 mi
251 Eighth St., Oakland, CA; Tel. 510.893.3825
Phnom Penh House could easily be overlooked as just another Asian eatery in Oakland, but once inside and the wonderful smells of curries hit your nose, you’ll know immediately that you’ve stumbled onto something special. The fine cambodian cuisine can be made as mild or spicy as you can take it, and Phnom Penh doesn’t skimp on the portions, all at incredibly low prices. This place is definately a little known Oakland secret, that really does a phenomenal job.